Friday, 1 July 2011

TPLC 01 - Anything but Square!

Welcome to the first TPL Challenge! We are so pleased you could come and join us! This month's challenge has been set by our wonderful DT friend - Clare! The prize is sponsored by The Paperlane - just look at what you can win this month!

Only the BRAND NEW Ice Cream Cart from the Summer Fun Collection!
The challenge for this month is "Anything BUT Square" with Molly Blooms Stamps as your main image so we are really looking forward to seeing what you come up with! 

So, as it is our first challenge, here are the rules! These normally sit in the sidebar, but we need to let you all know what they are! This challenge will close at midnight on the 28th of the month, and the winner will be announced when the new challenge is posted!

1. Stick to the rules of the challenge that month (so for this challenge it is Anything BUT square with Molly Blooms Stamps as your main image - after all, that's what makes it fun!)
2. We want to see lots of lovely new projects - so no backlinking to older posts!
3. The Paperlane Challenge must be included in your blogpost, and must have a link back to this blog.
4. You can combine entries to other challenges - but only 3 others - so four in total.
5. The winner will be chosen at random. The prize will be redrawn if not claimed after 2 weeks.

How to enter? Click on the blue frog below, enter your details with a direct link to your blogpost and we will come and visit you! **EDIT** If you do not have a blog, please email your entry to and we will post the picture on The Paperlane blog, and link it up.

So, for inspiration here is the work from the design team.

(Katy can't play with us this month - look forward to seeing you next month Katy!)

 Happy Crafting!!

Hopped off!!!

Are you looking for the little blue frog?
Slight technical hitch, hes hopped off for a day in the sun! Kerry says he will return tonight, i guess that depends on whether he finds a princess to kiss and turns into a handsome prince!
Caz xxx

**EDIT** The blue frog is back! Without a princess sadly!

Enjoy the Challenge! Kx